Work Planner

Keeping us on target in what we do and when we do it



The TSRA Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU) Rangers work closely with Traditional Owners in their respective communities to undertake a range of cultural and natural resource management activities. These include:

  • dugong and turtle monitoring and management
  • weed and pest animal control
  • ghost net management
  • seagrass monitoring
  • participation in research and survey activities
  • flora and fauna assessments
  • fire management
  • community education and awareness raising
  • traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) recording and management
  • management of Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs)

Ranger activities are guided by Working on Country work plans that are developed with community and Traditional Owner input. The Work Planner is designed to simplify the planning of activities undertaken by the rangers, as well as assist in measuring progress and achievement against the targets set out in the annual work plans.

Recent enhancements to Work Planner make it suitable for planning across a range of teams within LSMU.